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Let your fans follow you on Webtalk to earn you

Let your fans follow you on Webtalk to earn you free affiliate commissions for lifetime

Webtalk is a USA based next generation social media website that lets artists, politicians, public figures and individuals alike to share website revenues for life by simply asking your contacts to follow you on Webtalk.

In to getting paid ad revenue share for ad impressions consumed in your posted contents, you will be paid free affiliate commissions from ads viewed by your invitees (Ads Consumed (free users): Earn $0.01 CPM (estimated-varies based on location) and for ad impressions consumed from the contents posted by your invitees.

In Other sources from which you will be paid free affiliate commissions for lifetime include subscriptions (Earn $2-$4 per month, or $20-$40 per year, depending on the purchase), Self-service ads (10% of monthly ad budget ), job services (Earn 10% commission), Webtalk Swag Shop (Earn $1 per every item purchased storewide (excludes custom items like business cards), marketplace transaction fees (Earn 1% per every traction, includes all member-to-member products and services sold through Webtalk).

Webtalk is awarding the first 1 million affiliates (members who complete their profile and enroll in the free rewards program) with a BONUS that pays 10% revenue share through 5-degrees of referral separation (ie. The people invited by the people you invite through 5-degrees or levels of separation) after 1 PRO customer is directly referred by the affiliate. As soon as one of your referrals upgrade their free account to a PRO account, you will automatically be awarded the Bonus as long as you are one of the first 1,000,000 (ONE MILLION) to refer a PRO customer.

Other sources of revenue sharing include:

Get revenue share when your videos get more than 1 million views; and

Get a top ad spot on your “Following” page and keep 90% of revenues from Webtalk ads sold there when your followers reach 1m+. This is in addition to traditional way of selling ads yourself on your page to businesses and they pay you privately outside Webtalk.

Your fans/followers may like your contents for a limited time. Inviting them to follow you while they are still hot with you will enable you to monetize them for life even after they will later lose interest in you or after their death since their Webtalk accounts are inheritable to their heirs. If you won't invite them now, others will do and you will miss them forever as far as Webtalk affiliate commissions are concerned.

See Webtalk patent-pending features that add so much value to the way you manage your contacts, communicate and see the news you only want to see demonstrated here

Join now for free and start monetizing your contacts for life before others have done the same

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GoFounders - Guaranteed Success - Opportunity!

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A Business Solution to Success for all passive and active members!

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For People who doesn't like the process of recruiting...

Finally a business that will make everyone succeed!!

Instant Business success for all passive and active members.

Effortless Profit.

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