lauantai 4. elokuuta 2018

Buy or Rent Real Estate with Virtual Currency

Virtual Currency Revolution!
Buy or Rent Real Estate with Virtual Currency.
TWNKL Estate Coin is TEC.
Real Estate + Blockchain + Virtual Currency.
With TEC you can Buy or Rent:
Office Space
Retail Space
Vacation Space
Residential Space
Developers, Buyers, Renters, Retailers, Diy, Architects be Ready.
Now is Pre-sale.
1. If you want Join Pre-sale.
2. You must Register using next link Pernum Wallet and There you Can Buy TEC's and You can buy TEC's only With Rainbow Currency TWNKL.
3. Buy TWNKL from or
4. Read from my Blog and Earn More Money to Buy Twinkles How Can You Multiple Your Dollars About 36 times
TEC is available in presale only until 13th Aug, 2018. At 1 TEC = 100 TWNKL.
Then, it will be available only at the (Coinworldstreet) exchange at the exchange rate.
Only those Rainbow Currency (TWNKL) holders who pre-order TEC will be able to offer TEC after aug 17, 2018.
Unicorn Network TWNKL Real Estate Project is in Pre-Launch only until 13th Aug. 2018.
Another great milestone is reached within our BIGGEST PROJECT in the world by pre-launching Twinkle Estate Coin (TEC).
Unicorn Network has entered into joint venture with experienced Real Estate Entrepreneurs from Germany with experience of more than 100 years together with experienced Blockchain Technology Experts to create TEC which will be exclusive mode of payment for purchasing or renting real estate properties to be developed using Twinkles that will be collected during pre-launch through selling of TECs.. ->